Virginia Montgomery L.C.M.T., Natural Therapeutic Specialist


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Deep Tissue Massage ~ " The understanding of the layers of the body, and the ability to work with tissue in these layers to relax, lengthen, and release holding patterns in the most effective and energy efficient way possible." -- Art Riggs.


Swedish Therapeutic Massage ~ The most widely used system of massage in North America, Swedish technique is the systematic and scientific manipulation of the soft tissues of the body using various strokes, percussion, friction and stretching.


Reflexology ~ A system of massaging feet and hands with the understanding that certain points correspond with certain body systems like the Digestive, Endocrine or Respiratory system.
Polarity ~ Developed by Randolph Stone, it focuses on energy currents. The intention is to balance the electromagnetic energy forces within the body. The work consists of some rocking and laying on of hands at key points. It is gentle and deeply relaxing, I use it in combination with Swedish and deep tissue massage.

Hot Stones Treatment ~ A system of using smooth warmed stones over the skin as a way of heating the muscle and therefore softening the tension. The treatment is always accompanied with deep tissue and Swedish massage. The heating of the muscles often brings on a deeply relaxing meditative state to the client and I highly recommend this for anyone who normally has trouble relaxing during a massage or to a person who wants to feel more grounded.


Sincerely, Virginia Montgomery

A complimentary healthful snack is served after your massage.